Grenen Trail is the right trail for you, if you prefer to run in varied terrain. This Trail run takes you through the Skagen Dune-Plantation, and the first half of the rout is run on a mixture of gravel and tarmac. The tarmac of the Hulsigstien covers a stretch of approximately one kilometer. After this you will follow a gravel road out to the coast. The rest of the route is run on and next to the beach, in sand. The route will lead you past the “real” northern most point of Denmark, on Nordstranden. After rounding the tip of Denmark, the route turns south again, heading into Skagen.

Skagen Marathon leads you through the beautiful nature at the top of Denmark. The trail Grenen Trail, leads you through the dune plantation, along the beaches, past Gl. Skagen and the northern most point of Denmark and through the city of Skagen. The traffic will be partially closed down, in order to ensure the safety of the participants.

Grenen Trail is one lap of 30 Km (16.16 miles)

Start and finish at the Town Hall parking lot.


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