Halfmarathon is an excellent place to start, if you want to give yourself a real challenge, even though it is half the distance of the real marathon, it is still no easy feat, but easier to train for than a real marathon. As part of the halfmarathon group, you must run one lap of 21,0975 kilometre. The Danish record for fastest halfmarathon is 1:01:55, good luck beating that time.

You don’t need to take the competition too serious, there is room for everyone, and participating only to experience the atmosphere and nature is as good a reason as any.

The nature and the terrain around Skagen offer excellent running conditions. The flat terrain means that you don’t have to worry about steep slopes and instead you can focus on running and enjoy the sights. The trail is a very pleasant one, not only because of the nature, but also because of the varied underground, which puts less of a strain on your feet than running on tarmac only.

You will pass many beautiful and iconic places, such as Den Tilsandede Kirke, which was covered by sand drifts in the 17’th century.

Skagen Marathon leads you through the beautiful nature at the top of Denmark. The Marathon trail leads you through the dune plantation, along the beaches, past Gl. Skagen and the northern most point of Denmark and through the city of Skagen. The traffic will be partially closed, in order to ensure the safety of the participants.

The marathon route has been measured by DAF.

Start and finish at the Town Hall parking lot.


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