• The Skagen Marathon route is measured by DAF for all five distances.
  • Participants in the marathon and 1/2 marathon must have turned at least 15 years old.
  • It is not allowed to be accompanied by anyone on bicycles. Violation of this rule will cause immidiate exclusion.  
  • The race number should be carried visibly on the chest and may not be altered as the number is personal.
  • Every enrolled participants who completes the race within the set time frame will receive a medal. 
  • The route will be open for traffic after the time frame has expired.
  • The timeframe of the race is 6 hours for marathon, 2 hours and 45 minutes for the 1/2 marathon and 1,5 hour for the 11k.   
  • If for some reason a participant is prevented to take part in the marathon, they cannot claim any refund as the registration for Skagen Marathon is binding. However, they can transfer their number to next years Marathon. Please contact the organizers for more information.
  • Participation in Skagen Marathon is at your own responsibility. The organizers of Skagen Marathon cannot be held responsible for any injuries which is selfinflicted or otherwise incurred in connection with the race.


  • I declare with my registration that my participation happens on one's own responsiblity and the organizers of the race - Turisthus Nord cannot be held accountable. 
  • I declare myself healthy and in physical form for participation in Skagen Marathon. With my registration I understand and have given my acceptance of free use of e.g. photography, filming, interviews and commercials. I confirm that my birthyear is correct and understand that my race number is personal.
  • I confirm that I will be disqualified if the official race number is altered or if sponsor names become unrecognizable.  
  • If I am prevented from entering the race or on account of force majeure, I am not entitled to a refund of my registration fee.