Minimum of 10 participants
A discount of DKK 50 is given to participants of 1/1 marathon and DKK 25 on 1/2 marathon for groups of minimum 10 participants until September 6th 2018. 

Minimum of 30 participants
A discount of DKK 100 pr. participant is given on 1/1 marathon and DKK 50 on 1/2 marathon for a group of minimum 30 participants until September 6th 2018.

In order to recieve the discount, groups must register with the secretariat.
Phone: 30 21 42 04 or email
An additional administration fee of DKK 25 is added per person.

Should you get injured and not be able to participate in the marathon you have registered for, you can get your race number transferred to next year's marathon by contacting the secretariat. Please call 00 45 30 21 42 04 or email, at the latest August 31st before 12.00 p.m.